Congratulations-FLEXPRO won the "Top Ten Leading Brands in China (Industry)"


September 9, 2020, initiated by the Asian Brand Group (Asiabrand in English), China Asia Economic Development Association, Global Times, One Belt One Road General Chamber of Commerce, China Economic News Network, ASEAN-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Macau Federation of Industry and Commerce The "15th Asian Brand Ceremony" co-sponsored by the Association successfully opened in Hainan Free Trade Port.

Liu Jianfeng, former director of the State Civil Aviation Administration of China and former governor of Hainan Province, Chen Yang, director of the Hainan Provincial Financial Administration, Cheng Lu, former vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Quan Shunji, chairman of the China Asian Economic Development Association, and the Economic System Reform Department of the National Development and Reform Commission Former Director Kong Jingyuan, Haikou Municipal Bureau of Commerce Party Secretary Dong Mengqing and other leading guests attended the meeting. Freis was invited to attend the meeting.

With the theme of "creating a new model of brand finance", this year's gala invited politicians, business leaders, investment institutions, famous experts, domestic and foreign media, etc. to participate. And hold the Asian Brand International Forum, the Top 500 Asian Brands Conference, the Top 500 Asian Brand Leaders Forum, the Asian Big Health Industry Brand Forum, and the 15th Miss Asian Brand Competition.

Liu Jianfeng, former director of the State Civil Aviation Administration of China and former governor of Hainan Province, announced the opening of the conference. Cheng Lu, former vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Wang Lianzhou, former deputy director of the Office of the Finance and Economics Committee of the National People’s Congress, respectively addressed "How Hainan Free Trade Port Realizes Brand International Development" , "Brand asset securitization opens up new areas of equity capital market" and delivered a keynote speech. From the perspective of brand leadership and financial innovation, it opened up a more professional perspective for the participants and opened up new development ideas in the field of equity capital.

"Asian Brand Ceremony" takes "brand wins the future" as the core concept, adhering to the historical mission of "promoting the spirit of craftsmanship and co-creating world-renowned brands", is committed to promoting the international exchange and development of Asian brands, and building a brand financial innovation service bridge. At the meeting, Zhou Jun, executive vice chairman of ABAS Expert Committee, released the list of “Top 500 Asian Brands in 2020”. Chen Xi, vice president of Asian Brand Research Institute and chief brand officer of Asian Brand Group, analyzed the world economic situation, introduced the background of the list, and brand value. The evaluation model, ranking data analysis and other aspects have elaborated and interpreted the rankings. This time, brands from 18 countries and regions were selected in the "Top 500 Asian Brands 2020". Among them, China and Japan have obvious advantages, with a total of 429 brands on the list, accounting for 85.80% of the total number of seats on the list.

Quan Shunji (the fifth from the right), the president of the China Asia Economic Development Association, presented the award to the representative of FLEXPRO (the fourth from the right)

In order to commend outstanding entrepreneurs who have the courage to innovate and have achieved outstanding results, set a brand example, promote brand power, show the image of Chinese brands in all directions, multiple angles and in-depth levels, and set an example of industry brand innovation to inspire more Chinese brands and Asian brands. The brand has gained greater influence. This grand ceremony held a grand commendation ceremony for the representatives of the 2020 Asian Brands Top 500. Industry lists, individual lists, and person lists including China Brand Annual Innovative Enterprise, Asia Top Ten Innovative Brands, China (Industry) Top Ten Innovative Brands, Asia (Industry) Top Ten Credibility Brands, etc. were released, and a grand award ceremony was held. FLEXPRO was awarded the honorary title of "Top Ten Leading Brands in the Chinese Industry".

The FLEXPRO brand was founded in Bloomington, United Kingdom. Since 1982, it has provided high-quality badminton rackets to professional athletes and sports-loving groups in the world. It is well-known in England for producing high-quality badminton rackets. Mishima has always enjoyed credibility and admiration in the UK and Europe. As a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the design, production and trade of sporting goods, Fress has always adhered to independent innovation and research and development, combined with international cutting-edge technology, to perfectly reflect the essence of British design and craftsmanship, and successfully builds an internationally renowned high-end professional network Feather brand.

FLEXPRO products have won many awards from Indonesia, Malaysia and other national tennis and badminton associations, and have won the World Cup and "Toms Cup" double champions-Indonesian badminton player BOBBY ERTANTO designated for 2002, 2003 The designated licensed product of Thomas Cup and Uber Cup World Badminton Team Competition, and sponsor of the 2005 China Open.

For a long time, FLEXPRO has been promoting the strategy of accelerating the "brand internationalization". It is the equipment sponsor of Turkey, Iran, Seychelles, Pakistan and other national teams, and has sponsored many times in China, Britain, Canada, Indonesia and Vietnam. , Africa and other international badminton open tournaments; FLEXPRO also founded and held several "FLEXPRO Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Cup" badminton competitions, and established the "AirAsia Badminton Academy" with Malaysia AirAsia, which became the most abundant international resource in one fell swoop. One of the sports brand.

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