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FLEXPRO Badminton Training Center

FLEXPRO badminton training center was established in 2000, which belongs to the FLEXPRO U.K. GROUP LIMITED 

Strong teachers, high-quality training services and leading teaching methods have been widely praised by the students and strongly supported by the society. The training center is dedicated to the transportation of sports talents. The trainees with outstanding skills can participate in various professional sports competitions held by provinces and cities through selection. Those with outstanding performance can be recommended to higher sports colleges and professional teams of provinces and cities.

The training center has held hundreds of training courses and thousands of trainees. The elegant and comfortable club sports environment and unique business philosophy enable the players to achieve the goal of badminton technology improvement and fitness through professional and efficient training, create a high-quality badminton market and guide the fashion trend of badminton.

FLEXPRO mission

Committed to the international badminton technology dissemination and the overall training of youth mobilization, from badminton technology, sports ability, physical ability, competition experience, psychological, will quality, sports rehabilitation, fatigue protection, language and culture.

Top scientific training system

  • Conditions of national training venues
  • World class rich coaching team
  • Scientific and systematic training plan for athletes
  • Training methods of badminton technical movement
  • Advanced video technology and analysis software
  • Comprehensive sports training facilities

We can help you

  • Systematic learning badminton technical action of various essentials, including strength, accuracy, angle, as well as accuracy, beauty, consistency.
  • Master scientific, unified, standardized and reasonable badminton technical actions in an all-round way, and rapidly improve badminton technical level.
  • Through all-round training, while improving the tactical level in an all-round way, we should cultivate the personal technical style that is suitable for the personality conditions of athletes and the development trend of badminton technology, so as to give full play to our potential advantages.

The nature of badminton exercise

  • 01invigorate health

    Fast moving strokes in the front and back fields, strong smashing in the middle and back fields, passive attack and rescue, and transposition strokes in doubles all need the practitioners to have better strength rope quality, brewing rope quality, endurance rope quality, sensitivity rope quality, flexibility rope quality and quick response ability. Smashing requires strength; in the process of both sides pulling round, in order to obtain the initiative, they need to have faster speed, endurance and speed endurance; in the diving and saving (mostly passive situation), they need to have good agility and flexibility; in doubles, they need to have extremely fast reaction and judgment ability.
  • 02Develop will

    Badminton sports because of its competitive, antagonistic, high intensity and many other factors. Badminton games often encounter this kind of situation, that is, athletes have "extreme": can't breathe, physical weakness, black eyes, feel that they can't continue. In the situation of balance, both sides will appear one by one, or even almost at the same time (for example, a ball has played many rounds). It depends on who can hold on, and the victory often lies in holding on