Founded in 1982, FLEXPRO U.K. GROUP LIMITED is a group company integrating R&D, production and trade. The FLEXPRO U.K. GROUP LIMITED is a member of the Equipment Department of the Chinese Badminton Association and a recommended enterprise by the Chinese Badminton Association.

The group's headquarters is located in Hong Kong, the Asian financial center. The products are exported to the United States, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and many other countries. Strong development strength, advanced process equipment The FLEXPRO brand net racket and badminton racket series products are made of KEVLAR fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber and titanium alloy materials of space and spacecraft.

They have excellent performance and high quality. Has won many awards from Indonesia, Malaysia and other national nets and feather associations, and has won the double champion of the World Cup "Toms Cup"-Indonesian badminton player BOBBY ERTANTO designated and signed.It is the 2002 Thomas Cup, especially The licensed product of the UBER Cup World Badminton Team Competition.

At present, FLEXPRO are sponsoring professional teams such as Hebei Provincial Team, Chongqing Municipal Team, Beijing University Team, Turkey National Team, Seychelles National Team, Iran National Team, Pakistan Youth Team.

FLEXPRO has brand marketing, R&D, design, manufacturing, distribution and retail capabilities. Its products mainly include net feather sports products produced by its own FLEXPRO brand, sports and leisure footwear, clothing, equipment and accessories products. We sincerely invite agents from all over the country to join, with unlimited business opportunities, and enjoy great development opportunities!

  • 1

    FLEXPRO is strong and has a good brand advantage

  • 2

    Rich business experience and successful business model

  • 3

    Comprehensive training guidance and full-course collaboration service

  • 4

    Advanced management mode, able to adapt to various business strains

  • 5

    Good regional protection for regional distributors, assist in development, and avoid bad competition

  • 01

    Qualification review of franchisees

  • 02

    FLEXPRO Corporation sent professionals to conduct face-to-face communication, introducing related products, corporate culture, and joining plan

  • 03

    After mutual agreement between both parties, sign a franchise agreement and establish a franchise cooperation relationship

  • 04

    Training related product knowledge and business model

  • 05

    Determine the plan and renovate the storefront and operating place, equipped with operating goods

  • 06

    Collaborate to formulate the opening promotion plan and advertising promotion plan, prepare for opening

  • 07

    Formally opened for operation, FLEXPRO company provides full tracking guidance joining process

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