2020 Badminton Super League丨FLEXPro sponsors Ruichang Biyuan Badminton Club's official lineup announced! The roster and tabards are all announced! CCTV-5 live broadcast


On August 17, the China Badminton Association officially announced the news that the 2020 China Badminton Club Super League will be held at the Chengdu Shuangliu Badminton Training Base in Shuangliu. In view of the 2020 epidemic prevention and control period, the 2020 Badminton Super League will be conducted in a fully enclosed, empty field, and centralized competition system. CCTV-5 will be broadcast live for the first time.

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2020 China Badminton Club Super League
Ruichang Biyuan Badminton Club lineup
The championship strength is the most outstanding
Announcement of the list of members sponsored by FLEXPRO


Female athlete

Huang Yaqiong, Chen Qingchen, He Bingjiao, Zheng Yu, Li Yun, Lin Fangling, Dai Wang, Chen Lu, Chen Shirui, Liu Keke, Sun Zichun


Male athlete

Li Junhui, Ren Xiangyu, Feng Yanzhe, Li Shifeng, Ren Chengming, Huang Zuhui, Liu Donghan, Liu Yang Yitian, Wan Xiyuan, Wang Ganchen, Wu Xiwen, Xia Qingyun, Xu Zishuo

2020 Badminton Super New Competition System

The current Badminton Super League will adopt a five-game, three-win game system with 11 points per game and score per goal. The game is divided into two stages, the regular season and the finals. The first regular season is a double round-robin system, with a total of 14 rounds and 56 games. The finals adopt a knockout system. The four teams are drawn to determine the match, and the winner enters the final to compete for the championship.

In addition, the current Badminton Super League is still a mixed team competition, with five games of three wins.

From August 29th to September 14th, CCTV-5 will be broadcast live. Freis will share the hot spots of the event with you, enjoy the wonderful matchup, and cheer for the Ruichang Biyuan team.

Physical test introduced into the league

In order to implement the requirements of the General Administration of "Strengthening physical fitness, make up for weaknesses", the 2020 Super League has added a physical fitness test for the first time. The physical fitness test will be conducted on August 27th and 28th before the start of the regular season. All athletes of the Ruichang Biyuan Badminton Club are required to participate.

The top 6 clubs ranked in the regular season of the current Badminton Super League, 4 male and female athletes with regular season appearance records are selected from each club, according to the "National Team Physical Fitness Test Rating Standard (February 2020 Edition) )》Calculate the results and add them up. Only the top 4 clubs in the physical fitness test can qualify for the finals of the Badminton Super League.

According to the China Badminton Association 2020 Badminton Super League notice, Ruichang Biyuan Club will report to the competition area on August 25, and all participating players will participate in the physical fitness test on the 27th and 28th.

Ruichang Biyuan is led by world champions Huang Yaqiong, Chen Qingchen, Li Junhui, He Bingjiao, plus Zheng Yu, Ren Xiangyu, Li Shifeng, Feng Yanzhe, Lin Fangling, Dai Wang and other national feather masters. There is no doubt about the championship strength! Qingdao Renzhou, another popular team to win the bid, is also eye-catching under the blessings of Shi Yuqi, Zheng Siwei, Huang Dongping, Jia Yifan, and Chen Yufei. We will wait and see who will be the final winner in this decisive battle in Chengdu.

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